"For to me life is Christ and death is gain" (Phil 1:21)

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What if the Resurrection of Jesus, “Easter”, had not taken place?

What would it mean if Jesus had not resurrected? The story of Jesus would have ended with Good Friday and his body would have decayed. He would have remained an interesting figure for many, but the uniqueness of his person would have been obscured…

“But that would mean that God does not take initiatives in history, that he is wither unable or unwilling to touch this world of ours, our human living and dying. And that in turn would mean that love is futile, trifling, an empty and vain promise. It would mean that there is no judgment and not justice. It would mean that the moment is all that counts and that right belongs to the cunning, the crafty and those without consciences. There would be no judgment. Many people, and by no means only the wicked people, would welcome that because they confuse judgment with petty calculation and give more room to fear than to a trusting love…All this makes clear what Easter does mean: God has acted. History does not go on aimlessly. Justice, love, and truth –these are realities, genuine reality. God loves us; he comes to meet us. The more we go along this his path and live in his way, the less we need to fear justice and truth, the more our hearts will be full of Easter joy. Easter is not only a story to be told: it is a signpost on life’s way. It is not an account of a miracle that happened a very long time ago: it is the breakthrough which has determined the meaning of all history. If we grasp this, we too, today, can utter the Easter greeting with undiminished joy: Christ is Risen; yes, he is risen indeed!” (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

This Easter, I pray that you and your families receive many blessings and graces which come from God’s generosity to his sons and daughters! And since we never stop remaining sons and daughters, God never ceases to seek us out and love us. Allow the Resurrected Son, Jesus, to be in your homes and to be central in your family celebrations.

God bless you and Happy Easter to you!

In Christ,

Fr. Anthony