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World Day of Grandparents: Living to a Happy Old Age and the Fruits of NFP


Meet the pastor of a Greek Catholic church in Hungary for Romani

Fr. Árpád Kanyó in the first Romani, or Gypsy, Greek Catholic church. / EWTN News In Depth

Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, Jul 24, 2021 / 15:00 pm (CNA).

When Fr. Árpád Kanyó first arrived at his current parish, he didn’t know the language or culture of the people there. But he quickly learned about – and embraced – the new community he encountered.

A Great Crowd Followed Him — 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Pope Francis’ Traditional Latin Mass Restrictions: Has Your Diocese Responded Yet?


‘Our Father’ Contains a Trove of Spiritual Treasure


Pilgrims Climb St. Patrick’s Holy Mountain — ‘Symbol of Ireland’s Enduring Faith’


How French Catholics are responding to Pope Francis’ Traditional Latin Mass restrictions

Tridentine Mass in Strasbourg Cathedral, France. / Christophe117 via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Paris, France, Jul 24, 2021 / 03:00 am (CNA).

A study found traditionalism is growing steadily year on year.

Pope Francis’ Traditional Latin Mass Restrictions: How French Catholics Are Responding


Cuba, Freedom — and the Failures of Communism